What is Trauma Processing?

'Breathing in air after drowning for so long. Finally able to surft the wave of life after being dragged below the surface of the ocean time and time again. You're not meant to suffer, dear one, though you may choose to do so if you wish. 
Did you know that love is always around and within? That whatever overwhelmes you right this second can be overwhelmed by love itself? It is time. Mend your broken wings. Face those pains within. Turn them into wisdom. And then, when the work is done, fly off. Soar. Glide. Twirl. Bathe in the sea of love.
Return home - and realise that you've been there all along.'

If any of this speaks to you, if you have ever felt tired of the same old patterns, then it is likely that you have some sort of trauma to process. This is nothing unusual! In fact, a simple experience can qualify as trauma if it was unexpected, dramatic, isolating, and you didn't have a coping strategy available at the time. It could be as simple as dropping an ice cream cone without enough pocket money to replace it!  

I have spent quite some time processing the trauma I have experienced and continue to do so. Through my own struggels, and by helping hundreds of others, I have realised this: You're story is only the outer shell. On the inside, we all hurt the same. There is no rating in suffering. Whatever is causing you hurt is valid in my eyes. And no matter what you have endured, trauma can be worked through in similar ways for everyone!

Throughout the years I have qualified and become confident in working with many different approaches to suit mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and energetic processes. We can work with EFT-Tapping, mindfulness, yin yoga, All Love healing, energy healing, past lives, or simply through curious inquiry - to name but a few! You are the expert of your experience, I have become good of getting through it!

I will provide you with tools and techniques to conquer your biggest mountain - and hold a safe and loving space while you do so. 
It may not always be pleasant, but it will always be managable and you will be surrounded by love at all times. 

I know how to dive to the depth of the ocean by myself. Now I have developed the skills to guide you in and out until you are able to do it by yourself!

Trauma Processing


One session

Sit down and tell me what's troubling you! We will take care of your sorrows, drawing on any or all healing approaches I have studied over the years.
These sessions are very intuitive and the outcomes continue to amaze me time and time again!

Wow. You have really opened something up in me. It's like an oasis in the desert. I can't thank you enough, Patricia. 

— Michael