Sweat the Small Stuff

Blessings to you, beloved soul.

Stepping into September, we are reaching out harvest season of the year. It is time to appreciate and asses all the hard work you have done so far. It is so important to take stock and witness every little thing that has shifted for you. The big milestones don’t happen by accident. They happen through a tiny thought that was valued and put into action.

I’ve been around the world this year. Really beautiful opportunities and massive personal achievements are unfolding. One thing after another. Yay! The most significant insight I had throughout this crazy whirlwind was in Phoenix, Arizona. A little rattle snake had come and curled up close by. I watched it sleep so safely and tears came to my eye feeling the ultimate interconnectedness of the universe. A thought popped into my head: ‚Goodness, I am so glad I went on that road trip with Neal.‘

In order for me to sit next to that baby snake, nearly 3 years of treasure hunt had unfolded. From a road trip where a friend played a number of Nahko and Medicine for the People songs, to me eventually buying a ticket, to finding the Call To Brotherhood movement, connecting with these incredible people, offering my service being availed off by astonishing people. To finally being invited to America.

Throughout those 3 years, I have spent SO much time on inner work. I’ve loved fiercely and questioned so many choices. But most importantly, I’ve listened to my guides pointing out a rainbow when I couldn’t see it. And that led my friend to play me the first Nahko song.

A students once said very disheatedly: ‚Wow, your guides give you these amazing tasks. I wish I got those messages.‘ When I asked what their last intuitive incling was, they mentioned wanting to put up a shelf. The shelf had not yet been put up.
I’m not at all sharing this to criticize this student! Not at all! This conversation is my constant reminder to follow every little incling. Trusting my sovereign manifestation.

I’ve journeyed deeply. Most lovingly to the core of Gaia. She holds me in deep transformation when I loose my way. And her guidance has always been this: ‚Keep walking, even if it takes a million moments of rest. As you follow one nudge to another, you will watch your miracles unfold. Beyond your wildest dreams.‘

And with that knowledge, I wonder what little nudges you have followed. What the people I admire implemented at 26. And what your inner voice is whispering to you rght now. Magic lies in seeminly insignificant commitments.

Are you brave enough to sweat the small stuff?

Great! You can join me over the coming months for pleasure sessions, sistership circles, yin yoga, and a lush day retreat deepening our cacao connections!

I love you,


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