The Roar of a Womb

I AM remembering my might on this new moon in sacred sisterhood with my lineage. Searching for the ancestors and guides. Finding myself in their reflections.

This cycle I am most grateful for grief. It allows me to honour the ones in my life for I know they will pass. It allows me to remember the ones who have moved on. I am grateful for my open heart and my womb space that opens new depths of grief whenever I become ready. This new moon, I won’t be able to join my usual sisterhoods for ceremony, so I held space for myself instead. And I connected to my ‚Womenergy‘.

Working with my long loved Red Tent Resource Kit, I’m sharing the power of womanhood I feel in my blood today, in my womb, in my heart.

Molly shares:‘ Womenergy moved humanity across continets, birthed civilizations […], it says She is Here. I am Here, You are Here and We Can Do This. It speaks through women’s hands, bodies, and heartsongs. Felt in hope, in tears, in blood, and in triumph.  […]
Womenergy is the chain of the generations, the ‚red threat‘ that binds us womb to womb across time and space to the woman who have come before and thos who will come after. Spinning stories, memories, and bodies, it is that force which unfolds the body of humanity from single cells, to spiraled souls, and pushes them foreward into the waiting world.‘
I am Patricia, daughter of Maria Helena, daughter of Thekla, daughter of mother earth . I am Patricia. Mother to Johna, mother to Marla. I am Patricia.
My roar will move mountains. My tears will form rivers carving passage ways into stone. My heart beat will shake the earth back into sacredness. For my womb space is home and my mind creates the vision of a better tomorrow.
Today I invite you to feel yourself. Your womb, your heart, your body, your spirit, your mind. To bathe in the sea of your being. To honour all you are capable off and all that you have failed to accomplished. I invite you to receive my love and my spark. Plant your seeds at this potent time. Be clear about what you wish to become, how life wants to feel. And send it of with a song or sacred movement. 
I leave you with this (shortened) poem by Milly Remer:
‚ She’s been waiting
curled up
knees to chest
head to arms
biding her time
but her ees have flickered open
she’s stretching her arms
unfolding her legs
wriggling ino her purpose
until it fits like a glove.
Prophet Woman
she’s a warrior
speaking now
her voice is quiet
in this moment
but I hear
the distant thunder
and I feel
the breath of change
against my neck.‘
The music playing is moving through my being, creating readiness for what is yet to be experienced, reminding me to let that sweet love come in!
Sacred New Moon, Lions and Lionesses! May our roars tell of the obstacles surpassed and the blessings to come.
I love you!


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