Rest, sweetheart, rest!

The oasis that is my bed. How delicious it is to curl up next to the open window, feel the cool winter air gently twirl my hair… the bird song returning, my ears welcome the symphony of nature’s sounds. In my den of pillows and blankets I am held by my womb-anly heart. Where darkness is illuminated by love. Where the physical is healed by light. Where I realise the illusions I have been believing for too long.
And man, I am held here. Safe like a baby, a child of the universe, a warrior for the light nonetheless.

At times I struggle to count my blessing, not today. my body, mind, and heart in bliss, gratitude surging through my every cell. Thank you, creator for this safe oasis. I can recover here and rest. Now I can emerge and be of service. Who would have thought that this could be my life?

Why have so many of us forgotten the value of rest? How powerful it is to nurture the self in all the ways it desires. When I rest, I wake up to a new world. I feel like a lioness, full of power and ready to roar. I may not be conscious of all the healing taking place during these phases of deep rest, but there is no doubt: resting is not doing nothing!
On a superficial level it may appear that I just sleep. On an energetic level, however, I can feel integration taking place. Processes being completed, information downloaded, the knowledge I held being transformed into wisdom. I satisfy my needs for gentleness, abundance, connection, warmth, being held, being worthy, and so much more.

And most importantly: When I am done resting, I am filled with the desire to work and play. What demanded effort and discipline when I was tired, now comes natural. New projects appear, opportunities manifest.

Today I suggest: Rest is not a luxury, it is imperative that I rest whenever needed if I want to come closer to fulfilling my potential.

In deep love and connection. Sharing the low lows and now returning to my normal self. May bliss be the baseline of the symphony which carries you home.


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