Answering the Call to Brotherhood and sisterhood

What a long day yesterday. Travelling to Dublin to travel to Hamburg. Bus/SBahn hang ups, getting lost on the way to the flat, witnessing the Nahko soundcheck, adventuring to medicine tribe meet up. Arriving seemingly late to find a beautiful gathering of men and women blessing the earth. What a joyous experience.
Many contacts and numbers exchanged for future collaboration. My heart is open. Fantastic opening act (no words will do justice! ). Then the concert. Then a beautiful walk through Hamburg city. Some healing, some being present, some holding space. It’s all good.

Long conversations with spirit, reflecting on the achievements of the past few weeks. Receiving gifts, sharing understanding. Healing on all levels.
Today I am a researcher again. Braving the gap between my studies and my purpose. Understanding the value of researchers. Learning how to make this world better for the children to come. Writing papers. Reading books. As life goes on.

Gratitude. To spirit for urging me to ake this journey. To the people who made this possible. To #calltobrotherhood (and sisterhood). To all the beings. To the connections we have in the form of Internet, technology, transport and travel. To music. To dance. And to medicine.
Focus. Be here now. For a few days. Then it’s time for London.
With excitement and exhaustion. Love to you


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