When the lion guides the ways into new eons.

A lion has come into  my life. Their presence alone brings up my insecurities and their gentleness is tearing down the walls I have built so carefully – each stone another betrayal, each stone another pain, each stone another promise that this wouldn’t happen to me ever again. So sneakily, stealthily, this gentle might has snuck into my life and torn my masterpieces of walls and barricades down within the first meetings. Thank you, I guess, are the words I’m looking for.

The lion brings strength. Having to go deeper than before. Seeing strength where pain tells stories of defeat. Holding on to hope where all reason demands to surrender. The lion lets us uncover the queens and kings we so truely are. Oh dear soul, if you could just for a second see the beauty I witness in your every breath. If you would understand that we are no longer broken, that we have outgrown what was believed to be possible.

My process today is painful. I am running from my healing. It feels like a bungee rope has been attached to my heart. The further I resist, the harder I get pulled back. And I’m ready to crash. To let love crush over me. To let the lion roar from within. There’s a line in my head today: I’m standing knee-deep but I’m out where I’ve never been.

What better time to dive deeper than today, ey? Come celebrate this Lions Gate with me. Let it show you your inner strength and connect you to your mighty roar. May it bring you rest, so that may you lay comfortably like the lion. Free of tension or anxiety. Knowing you have nothing to fear. And may it bring you the abundance of all that is possible, now that you know that all is taken care of already.

I have uploaded this meditation for you to my Youtube channel. Especially today, on the day of the lion. And every day that your soul yearns to roar itself into gentle freedom!

I love you,


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