The symphonies of bliss allow me to remember who I am!

 How are you, dear beautiful soul? I’m Wishing you the bestest of Sunday!
I’ve had more drama in a week than appreciated, but as life has its way, it all worked out for the best! Some big lessons have been learned but (most importantly) instant healing has been received.
The back ache I have been having for months disappeared over night! I was able to practice down dog for the first time in months yesterday! With some time before the  Causeway Living’s WimHof workshop, I sat on my matt with a desire to move. To get the heart below the head, gain some clarity. I attempted a ‚Downward Dog‘ hesitantly. I was prepared for the sharp and excruciating pain in back and rib I have been experiencing for months. Last week, I had to ask a student to demonstrate  for me in class as I could not bear it for even half a minute. So I placed my hands, engaged the shoulders, lifted  off – and it was all good! What? How? All done! So that was already a highlight.
Throughout the past few months, I have found myself adopted into a new community and through that have re-connected to the sea, breath work, and there are friendships forming with amazing individuals. It has truly transformed my life, a massive gift! 
It may be a tiny aspect in all of the projects and opportunities I am juggling and loving right now. People I have known for years, community kitchen coming up, too. I am planning things internationally and loving the weekly challenge of teaching my first yoga classes. Oh yes, there’s uni!
I’ve handed in 2 of my 5 final projects and am thoroughly enjoying this last part of my degree with a miraculous job to look forward to as I transition through the summer into the life to come. By July, I will be holding, 8 qualification in healing therapies – including a bachelor in Psychology and 3 teaching-level qualifications. I’m ready for what’s ahead!
Someone I trusted told me recently I was full of anger and frustrated with the life I have. And I’ve spent the better part of the week believing this.
Today I sat down after getting up early on my day off to help someone set up in Maitri – who turned out to be a teacher I have been following and learning from for years!
I returned home, not looking forward to my coding work and lesson planning. And as always I took a few minutes to meditate before I got started.
I was wondering what that strange feeling inside me was – bliss. Flowing through me, tickling my cells, showering me with love and abundance, freedom around my heart. A wiggle of the nose, goose bumps on my scalp, a perfect moment right there.
Since last October I have been sucked into this vortex of pure and utter bliss. Even when things are challenging, it vibrates under the surface. It leads me to the craziest opportunities, has me dancing through full moon nights and fulfils me to a degree that now (for the first time in a decade) I am not looking for anything anymore. My life is already better than what I had hoped for. There’s a deep knowing that the long term goals are already forming. But for now it looks as though I make a wish and it appears right before my eyes in seconds. All of the deep desires I had (family, companionship, motherhood, work I love, a steady flow of income, a good home for my cat, making a difference in the world,..) have all been answered already.
Why do I allow myself to be swept up in other people’s opinions about me? It’s important to me to take accusations seriously and to consider what people tell me. But maybe I have a tendency to let that go too far. Nothing in my life is enough of a reason to give up my bliss. Maybe life would be different if I opted out of shaming myself or finding reasons to be struggling. I sometimes forget who I truly am in fear of heading down a wrong road. An ice bath fixes those illusion pretty quickly!
In the cold water, downloads happen.
It’s like a near death experience (maybe a bit dramatic but stay with me). When I go into the sea or sit in the ice bath, I feel this massive surge of energy enter my body. In a split second, key moments flicker in front of my eyes and I transcend my being in those situations looking back. I hear spirit pretty clearly on the worst of days but in those moments of cold water, there is a connection I have not felt before. And I see clearly. And I remember what I am made of and who I am.
And when there is no water around, there are my friends to do that for me. To call me out.To give me perspective. To celebrate the victories and heal the stumbles.
Whatever is coming next. For the first time in forever I am unafraid to let go of the old. I know there are bright days ahead. And I can’t wait to share more of my bliss with you all!  As Nahko sings:

“Oh I fear nothing, no thing fears me
Justice has different hats for different days
Release my anger, love thy neighbor
Put that pain to some good use anyway
I will do things I’ve never done before, ‚cause I’m powerful and I’m not afraid no more!

Said I’m powerful and I’m not afraid no more“
What makes you dive into bliss? What is stopping you from feeling bliss in this very second? What reasons do you have to not move on, to not live happier? And what would happen if you just let them go?
I love you!

Gratitude to Raeuber Design for creating this amazing image and for sharing her private parts in such a beautiful and authentic way. You can find her on Instagram or through her website, or browse her shop!


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