Befriending anger – a game changer for me

The materials for the first empowerment workshop are done. Wowzer, what a journey! It was only by dissecting and analysing the concept of anger, that I have realised how much my training and healing practice has contributed to my well-being. Anger has always been a tool of abuse in my life, in my ancestral line and subsequently in relationships.
I have carried anger inside me to the point where it physically made me ill. I have wasted months of my life filled with resentment and pain, trapped by the stories and misconception I created in my mind.
Up until now I never allowed myself to realise the impact of knowing different. The blessing that it is to be able to forgive. How my life has significantly changed for the better. I have done so much healing on the events of the past, I often wonder if all of that actually happened.
I’m no longer a hostage to anger. My relationships are kind and generous. Conflict and disagreements spark curiosity rather than heart-piercing anxiety.
I am grateful for Karen Grace and her brave researcher mind for bringing insight and scientific background. This work is not a notion or based on intuition alone. We know it works and why.
And now we are sharing this. Teaching, showing, nurturing, empowering people to change their ways.
Creating this series is hard work. This is not only spirit working through me, but has taken an intense amount of research, self-awareness and attention to detail. To get it just right.
I am so proud of what we have created. And even more so excited to share it now!
Thank you for sharing this moment with me. Love to you. Healing your way. And a shower of miracles with every step of the path to make it worth your while!
Patricia <3


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