Of trust and inner work

On Sunday we held our first Reiki@Maitri session of the new year. Sharing level 1 attunements. Sharing my love for healing. And receiving the most beautiful trust from these individuals.

I am conscious that I’m continously learning. And I am challenged every time I step in front of a group.

11 wonderful souls. All at different paths. And somehow I have been blessed to guide and nurture them along this part of their journey. Amidst the chaos, sharing Reiki and being a companion to my students is keeping me grounded. Becoming present with the sorrows and experiences of someone else is humbling in the most enjoyable way to me. I have already heard back from so many of how their old pain is transforming. Some need extra care and a slowness which allows for processes to integrate, others are smashing all obstacles out off the way – all are equally loved and cared for

And so it begins. Another journey, another lesson.
Bring.it.on. (Actually, no wait. I’ve been cleansing and processing for weeks. I’m finally on my feet. Bring it on a little maybe. Just so I can get this paper handed in on time and then maybe just a little less so I can relax for a few days! Great! – oh who am I kidding…)



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